Governors play an important role in school leadership.  Providing challenge and support to the school in achieving its ambitious aims and targets.

Governors undertake regular monitoring visits to the school and meet as a full governing body throughout the year. Separate committees are in place for Resources, Performance and Standards and the Curriculum. The committees report back to Full Governor meetings on issues discussed and key decisions taken. Additionally, the Chair and Headteacher meet regularly.

The Federation Governing Body is made up of a combination of appointed, elected and co-opted Governors. The Clerk to the Governors supports the Governing Body by circulating agendas and documentation and taking minutes.

Please see Governor Profiles for further information about the Federation Governing Body.

2016-17 Governor Attendance

Governor Business Interests 2017-18

Governors Key Points Report December 2016


Southcote Governors – 2017-18
Name Type Term of Office Date of Resignation Committee Attendance 2016-17       Link Governor
Helen Bligh Co-opt November 2013-2017 Resources FGB 6/7 Committees 4/6 Literacy/EYFS
Pads Dolphin Co-opt October 2015-2019 Resources  FGB 6/7 Committees 6/6 Chair of Finance and Staffing Committee RE/Music
Richard Duckett Parent October 2014-2018  July 2017 Premises and Welfare  FGB 5/7 Committees 3/6 Co-Chair SEND
Deborah Edwards LA November 2016-2020 Resources  FGB 6/7 Committees 4/6 Co-Chair
Bridget Fulton Parent November 2013-2017  January 2017 Premises and Welfare FGB 3/4Committees n/a   Pupil Premium/PE
Colin Harbidge Co-opt January 2015-2019 Resources FGB 1/2 Committees   1/1 Safeguarding
Colette Hodges Associate   (no voting rights)  FGB 6/7 Committees n/a
Sue N’jai Associate   (no voting rights)  FGB 6/7 Committees n/a
Adam Nuckley Co-opt November 2014-2018 Resources  FGB 5/7 Committees 5/6 Vice-Chair of Finance and Staffing Committee Data/Pupil Premium
Laura Reid Parent November 2013-2017   Finance and Staffing FGB 2/7 Committees 4/6   Early Years
David Taylor Co-opt November 2015-2019  November 2016 Premises and Welfare  FGB 4/4 Committees 1/1 Vice Chair  
Lisa Telling Headteacher  FGB 6/7 Committees 10/10
Malcolm Thorne Parent October 2014-2018 Resources  FGB 2/7 Committees 2/6 Vice-Chair of Premises and Welfare Committee Health & Safety
Will Vanstone Parent October 2014-2018 None FGB 7/7 Committees 4/4  Chair of Premises and Welfare Committee Theme/Science
 Arno Theron Co-opt July 2016-2020 Resources FGB 5/7 Committees 5/6  Maths
 Cherry Costello Clerk