MfL at Southcote


At Southcote children learn French from Year 3, in line with the National Curriculum requirements (click here for information) – although we start teaching French informally from Foundation onwards.

We use an interactive teaching resource from CGP called “Salut” which provides a range of engaging lessons to encourage children to become more confident in their French; listening, speaking, reading and writing!  The resource includes games, songs and stories, all linked to child-friendly topics.  For a quick look, click here for more information!

Our aim is to prepare children to understand how to tackle learning a new language; it will definitely be part of their curriculum at Secondary school, although there is no guarantee they will continue to learn French.  Local Secondary schools provide opportunities to learn a number of other languages as well, including German and Spanish, and even Latin!

We hope to raise the profile of French in school by celebrating Bastille Day in July – further details in due course.  In the meantime, we welcome visits by any parents who are fluent in French – children love to hear the language spoken so please get in touch with school if you have some time to spare!

Merci et au revoir!