The Southcote Curriculum

The Southcote curriculum has been written by the teaching staff incorporating the new National Curriculum (2013), current best practice and our values and beliefs about high quality learning.

There are three principles key to recognising what type of curriculum should be delivered. The three principles are:

  1. Children (and adults) are different and diverse
  2. Curiosity is the engine of achievement
  3. Children (and adults) are creative


At Southcote we believe the following to be characteristics of the best teaching:

Outdoor learning Practical learning
Theme days Memorable experiences
Experimental learning Child led learning
Consolidation Flexible timetable
Visitors in / Visits out Stable’ curriculum
Good home links Use of ICT
More in depth – less ‘coverage’ Enthused experts
Theme weeks Exciting resources
Teamwork Feeling valued
Risk taking Inspiring lessons
Keeping an open mind Well-planned for outcomes


While incorporating the above into our teaching, the Southcote curriculum provides endless opportunities for our children to develop as independent learners. We believe the following are characteristics of independent learners:

Challenge themselves Perseverance
Confidence to try new things Resourceful
Strategies to try new things Ask own questions
Make own choices Focused
Disciplined Determined
Not afraid of failure Positive attitude
Self-select resources / activities Exploring
High self-esteem Peer Support
Growth mind-set Self discovery
Self-evaluating Imaginative
Risk taker Curious
Intellectual stamina Motivated
Want to learn


Due consideration has been given to the kinds and range of experiences the Southcote curriculum should be providing the children, particularly to foster the independent learning. The kinds of learning experiences the curriculum will offer are:

Building a fire Going to the seaside
Building a shelter Cooking
Eating outside Going to a castle
Paddling in a stream Playing board games
Visiting London Having a picnic
Rolling down hills Going in a wood
Long country walk Sporting event
Climbing a tree Pond dipping
Making a mud pie Water fight
Blogging Camping
Puddle jumping

This is not an exhaustive list!! Many of these activities are accessed through our residential trips, Forest Schools and Danger Day (a whole day dedicated to activities that take our children safely out of their comfort zone.


The Southcote approach of providing hands on and engaging learning experiences is called ‘Experienceology’ and underpins our approach to teaching subjects such as Geography, History, Art and Design and Technology.

We are aspiring to be a school where all our children will be:

Working independently Asking questions
Exploring what interests them Full of self-esteem
Happy & excited to be at school Taking risks
100% attendance Proud of the school
Telling us what they want to learn Have a real voice
Caring for everyone Taking the initiative
Believing they can achieve Happy to make mistakes
Feeling more fulfilled Have high aspiration
Wanting to learn more Respectful
Submerged in learning Self starters

The culmination of the above has led to the themes being set for this coming academic year. The themes are:

Foundation Stage

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Knowing me, knowing you Knowing me, knowing you; Let’s Celebrate Big Cook, Little Cook Spots and Stripes Happily Ever After Up Up and Away


Key Stage One

Term Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Year 1 Time for a change World Kitchen Walk the Plank Under the Sea Jurassic Forest Space
Year 2 Jungles Superheroes Buckets and Spades Down on the Farm Dragonology


Key Stage Two

Term Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Year 3 Come dine with me Poles Apart Mighty Marauders Into the Woods Mega Structures
Year 4 Sticks and Stones Trip to the Tropics Up Pompeii


Term Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Year 5 Extreme Earth A visit to outer space Marvellous Mayans It’s all Greek to me!
Year 6 3Bs (local area study) Survival of the fittest Tomb Raiders Let’s look after ourselves All things dangerous


If you would like to see what skills are being taught then please click here.

For each year group there is a term planner showing in more detail what is being taught. These will be updated at the beginning of each term.