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1 Minute Maths from White Rose

1-minute Maths White Rose Maths

1-Minute Maths aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils focusses on ‘subsitising’ (the ability to recognise a number of objects without counting them)adding, subtracting and multiplying.   Although it is aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils, Key Stage 2 pupils would also benefit from practising for speed and accuracy.

When you chose a topic, each user answers a series of randomly generated questions.  When the one minute’s up, the questions are automatically marked and presented on a breakdown screen, giving instant feedback on how they’ve done.

1-Minute Maths | White Rose Maths Great for home & school use!. Although we hope you’ll enjoy using 1-Minute Maths in class, we believe that it’s also a fantastic and accessible tool for children to use outside the school day, too.

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